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Boat Maintenance Tips

In an ideal world, all of us boat lovers out there would fish or take out or boats any time, any day, all year round. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that. When the opportunity to go boating pop up, you want to take advantage of them, don’t you? Ensuring that your boat is maintained year-round is the best way to make the most out of owning a boat.

While there are a variety of boat maintenance activities, some more difficult than others, here we will take you through some basic boat maintenance tips to keep your boat running smoothly so that in the long run you can avoid costly boat repairs.


One of the simplest things you can do to take care of your boat is to wash it regularly in order to prevent the long-term effects of environmental wear and tear. If you boat in saltwater, we cannot overstress the importance of rinsing your boat with fresh water after every outing as over time, salt will corrode metal and it can affect the gelcoat of your boat as well.


Just like cars and other vehicles, changing the oil in your boat is an important part of boat maintenance. While the frequency of oil changes will depend on your particular boat, a general rule is that oil needs to be changed once every 100 hours of operation.


If you have an outboard or sterndrive boat, checking the propeller should be a standard part of your pre-launch routine. During periods when your boat is used frequently, we recommend that you remove the propeller several times during the season to ensure that there are no items caught in the propeller shaft. Checking the propeller is a vital boat maintenance task as fishing lines or other items caught around the propeller can contribute to costly, gear leaks and issues, which are not a DIY job.

While you have the propeller off, look for dents and other signs of impact damage. Even minor dents can affect the fuel consumption of your boat and if a propeller is damaged to the point that is shakes or vibrates, this can put a significant amount of stress on bearings and seals causing additional damage.


Even during the cooler months when your boat is not used, boat maintenance is still important. If you are storing your boat outside, ensure that it is positioned with the bow raised and all drains/plugs removed. We also recommend that all batteries are disconnected and stored in a dry environment.

During the warmer months when your boat is used more frequently, a simple way to protect your boat from the harsh UV rays in Perth is to get a boat cover. Boat covers will prevent the sun from fading carpets and upholstery and will also protect the boat from any scratches from debris caused by the wind.

At A1 Marine Total Care, looking after your boat is our top priority. From boat cleaning and boat repairs to marine detailing and even mobile boat servicing, A1 have all of your boat maintenance needs covered. Click here to contact us today.

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